Monday, March 22, 2010

End Of The Four Game Winning Streak

Unfortunately the Celtics brought an end to their winning streak on the Tuesday night leading into Fordham’s Spring Break with a heart wrenching last minute 86-84 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.  Rajon Rondo led the C’s scoring with 20 points, but his sole efforts weren’t enough to hold onto the lead through all four quarters.  For the first time in a while, Ray Allen was basically useless as he played 34 min and only managed to score 3 total points.  KG and Pierce helped out a little with 12 and 14 points respectively, but Rondo needed much more help than that to defeat Andrew Bogut and Carlos Delfino of the Bucks, who scored 25 and 19 points each.  The Celtics held onto the lead until the fourth quarter, when it became a battle the finish with the Bucks ending up on top by 2 mere points.  There was also some drama 4 minutes into the fourth quarter, when Big Baby Davis got into an argument with Buck’s player Brandon Jennings, and both received technicals.

The next night on Wednesday March 10th, the Celtics added to the misery by losing horribly at home in a 111-91 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.  I understand losing to the big dog teams like the Lakers and Cavaliers, but it just hurts seeing the C’s get crushed by a team like the Grizzlies who have a record of 34-31.  We were never even close in this game, only scoring 12 points in the entire first quarter.  The Grizzlies Rudy Gay easily scored 28 points, while the Celtics leading scorers were Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo with 17 each.  Pierce also had 14, but when you fall that far behind early on it’s nearly impossible to catch up.  I can’t imagine the fans at the Garden were very pleased with this performance, especially when we’re vying for a playoff spot.

I’m not sure what Doc Rivers had to say to his team after the previous two games, but whatever it was it worked because the Celtics came back strong on Friday March 12th to defeat the Indiana Pacers 122-103 in the Garden.  With the Pacers sad record of 21-44, its no wonder we won, but at the same time we needed this victory to boost morale again.  The Celtics had a HUGE 2nd quarter with 38 points and then never looked back.  Not surprisingly, Pierce led the scoring with 20 points and Rondo trailed behind him with 16 points.  However, the key to this game was the enormous help from the bench which scored a combined total of 54 points!!  Big Baby Davis and Nate Robinson each racked up an impressive 15 points during their time on the court. 

I will continue to post more of the updates tomorrow, so check back here and pray that this game gave them the momentum they need to roll on through to the playoffs. 

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