Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gloating Central

A rematch on Wednesday against my boyfriend’s team, the Denver Nuggets, ended beautifully this time with a 113-99 victory for the Celtics.  We were actually supposed to go to this game in Boston, but somebody couldn’t take work off (lame).  It’s actually probably better this way though because as much of a bad loser I am, I’m an even worse gloater when I win.  Oh well, text message gloating will have to suffice this time.  Luckily I was able to watch this game because it was on ESPN.  The Celtics had a small lead early on, were up by ten at half, and just held onto the win through the 4th quarter.  Carmelo Anthony (my boyfriends favorite player) did his best to thwart the Celtics by scoring 32 points, but his only other help came from JR Smith with 21 points and it just wasn’t enough.  Once again the Big Three came out strong to create a trifecta of scoring that’s tough to match up with.  Pierce led the team with 27 points, followed by KG with 20 points, and finally Ray Allen with 16 points.  Tony Allen also played well off the bench and contributed with 13 points of his own.  The Celtics were also able to capitalize off of the Nuggets’ 17 turnovers.  Let the gloating commence =).

Last night the Celtics made it two in a row by facing and defeating the Sacramento Kings 94-86.  The Celtics were up by a solid 20 points at halftime, but just barely held on as the Kings rallied and outscored them in the second half to cut the final lead to just 8.  The good news is that we won though, and the Big Three were all highly effective once again.  Pierce contributed 22 points, with Ray Allen and KG following with 20 and 18 points respectively.  Carl Landry played Carmelo Anthony’s role from the last game by scoring a huge 30 points to lead the King’s attempt at a rally but couldn’t do it all by himself.  Unfortunately for the Kings, not every team can have a Big Three, and it’s pretty hard to win with just a Big One.     

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