Monday, March 1, 2010

A Sprained Thumb And The Flu

If the three home games over the last week have told us anything, it’s that we desperately need Paul Pierce to return.  I’m starting to think that even with a sprained thumb and the flu, he could have been an asset in those tough games.  We started off pretty well without him on Tuesday night, with a 110-106 win against the New York Knicks.  We showcased very well-rounded scoring with Ray Allen racking up 24 points and every other starter with 12 or more points. 

Then, on Thursday night, I might as well have only watched the Olympics because Lebron James kicked our ass, leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to dominate us 108-88.   Although Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo put up a good fight with 21 and 19 points respectively, Lebron showed no mercy as he easily scored 36 points on the Celtics.  

And finally the most heartbreaking of all, the Celtics suffered an embarrassing 104-96 loss on Saturday to the New Jersey Nets.  Snooki from the Jersey Shore led the Nets with 27 points, followed closely by Brook Lopez with 25, Devin Harris with 23, and Courtney Lee with 21.  Snooki stated in an interview after the game that she was so good because her poof adds and extra 3 feet to her height.  Besides Kevin Garnett who had 26 points, the Celtics just didn’t seem to be all there. 

It’s obvious we can’t win it with a one man team, i.e. Ray Allen or Kevin Garnett.  It’s about time Pierce gets over his hurt thumb and flu symptoms, so that he can return and complete THE BIG THREE!!   


  1. Who needs thumbs?? Get back in the game, Pierce!

  2. Agreed. It's not even a BROKEN thumb, just a sprain. And the flu...suck it up, we need you!!

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  4. I don't like cavaliers, even more I hate them haha but I have to admit that they are a great team, great player, great strategic.
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