Thursday, March 4, 2010

Celtics Cruise Through Pistons and Bobcats

The bench was a big help in Tuesday nights 105-100 win over the Detroit Pistons.  The game high scorer was once again Ray Allen, but this time with only 18 points.  Pierce finally came back, but seemed to be taking it easy and only scored 9 points.  Luckily, Nate Robinson and Big Baby Davis were huge off the bench with a combined total of 26 points.  The Pistons also had 18 turnovers, which didn’t hurt either.

Then last night, the Celtics hosted the Charlotte Bobcats and rolled over them with a 104-80 victory.  Its not too surprising that we won, seeing as how the Bobcats were terrible and only two of their starters reached double digits with a mere 10 points each.  But nonetheless, a win is a win is a win.  Paul Pierce was 100 percent back in action, scoring a game high 27 points.  The next two highest scorers were Robinson with 16 and Garnett with 12 points.  Besides Pierce outshining everyone, it was an extremely well rounded game with almost all members of the team contributing (poor Brian Scalabrine was 0-3 in his eight minutes of play).  Haha, go figure. 

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