Saturday, April 3, 2010

Third Loss In A Row

I’m not sure why, but apparently were trying to start a losing streak instead of a winning streak.  Not only was last night’s 119-114 loss against the Houston Rockets our third loss in a row, it was also our second loss by 5 points in a row (woohoo…).  Once again though, at least it was a good show by the Celtics who rallied in the fourth quarter to send the game into overtime.  Pierce and Rondo tried their hardest and racked up 27 and 23 points, trailed surprisingly by Kendrick Perkins with 15 points.  We could have used a little more from Ray Allen this time, who only got 5 points last night.

The Rockets’ Aaron Brooks was the high scorer for Houston with 30 points, followed by Luis Scola with 27 and Chase Budinger with 24.  Apparently they aren’t missing big Yao Ming as much as I speculated in an earlier post.  I also think a big part of this loss came from not taking advantage of the 23 turnovers that Houston had.  We can make them turn over the ball as much as we want, but if we don’t score off of those then they are useless.  I am sick of this losing streak!!!

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