Saturday, April 17, 2010

Admittedly a Fair Weather Bruins Fan: NHL Playoffs

By request from one of my readers, I have decided to give a few updates on the Bruins since hockey playoffs started this week.  I am admittedly a fair weather hockey fan for the Boston Bruins, but I assume that some of my other readers would also enjoy hearing more about them.  

The Bruins embarked on their playoff journey on Thursday and had a close 2-1 loss against the Sabres in Buffalo.  The Sabres drew blood first with a goal by Vanek near the end of the first period, and soon after with a goal early in the second period scored by Rivet.  The Bruins fought back and Recchi scored a goal in the second period, but were unable to tie up the game ever.  Here are the highlights from game one.

Then this afternoon the Bruins redeemed themselves with a 5-3 win against the Sabres in Buffalo, to even the series at 1-1.  Again the Sabres came out aggressively with Ellis and Myers both scoring in the first period, and Pominville scoring early in the second period.  Luckily, they would not score again, creating the opportunity for an amazing come back by the Bruins in which they would go on a 5-0 scoring run to win the game.  Chara and Ryder started things off, both scoring in the second period, followed by Recchi early in the third to tie up the game.  Chara and Ryder would both score again later in the third period to seal the victory.  Here are the highlights for game 2.  

Game 3 will be played in Boston on Monday night at 7 p.m.


  1. I guess this doesn't really count, but I went to the P-Bruins over Easter Break and really enjoyed it! I would definitely like to go to a real Bruins game now. Thanks for the post!

  2. I feel bad--I can't really contribute to your threads because I'm--gulp--a Yankee's fan. BUT, have you ever seen those old SNL clips of Jimmy Falon and Rachel Dratch playing that college couple from Boston and they're always talking about Boston sports and then making out? It's hilarious, you should try to find one on Hulu and post it if you're short for ideas one day.

  3. BOO Bruins! If the Flyers and Bruins should meet in the next round of the playoffs then I apologize now for the impending beat down.

  4. Abby- Although that's not in the NHL, it's still cool because it sparked your interest in hockey and in the Boston Bruins. I must say that posting about the Bruins has really increased my interest as well! Also, I've heard that professional hockey games are the most exciting kind to go to, so you should definitely try to go some time.

    Sarah- Haha I completely understand! Actually, I welcome your opinions as a Yankees fan because it's very interesting to hear from the other side of our historic rivalry. And OMG yes I remember those SNL skits very well because I thought they were HILARIOUS growing up! So funny, thanks for reminding me about them!! I'll try to find a good one and post it soon!

    Ben- I respect your opinion, but I hope you're wrong!!! Go Bruins!!!