Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dark Wizards Magic

On Wednesday night the Celtics got back on their feet with a 115-104 win against the Toronto Raptors.  They had a slow start with just an okay first half, leaving them down 2 points when they headed to the locker room.  Doc Rivers must have had some good pep talk because the Celtics came out much stronger in the 2nd half and made winning look easy.  Little Rajon Rondo never fails to surprise us and was the high scorer with 21 points, 5 rebounds, and 7 assists.  He was followed closely behind by Pierce with 20 points, KG with 19 points, and Ray Allen with 18 points.  Michael Finley had an impressive 4th quarter off the bench as he gave Pierce a break and racked up 14 points.  The Raptors offense mainly came from from Sonny Weems who hit 21 points, along with Andrea Bargnani, Antoine Wright, and Jarrett Jack who all scored 17 points.  
 Anddd thennn last night the Washington Wizards performed their dark magic and defeated the Celtics 106-96.  As with all of our losses, too little too late: the only quarter in which we outscored them was the 4th, and by that time only 11 points more than them wasn't enough.  It's actually shocking that we only lost by ten points in the end considering we were down 52-31 at the half! Gross.  Rondo was the only one awake and had 17 points, 6 rebounds, and 12 assists, followed by Nate Robinson with 13 points off the bench.  Everyone else...scored 10 points or less. Wow.  Now compare this to the winning Washington Wizards.  Andray Blatche racked up 31 points, followed by Shaun Livingston with 25 points, Nick Young with 19 points, and JaVale McGee with 14 points off the bench.  Notice any difference? 


  1. loving #9's face in that pic!

  2. Hahaha thank you! That is Rajon Rondo, one of our best players. I like to pick the best action shots for my blog, and if not...then the most embarrassing ones like this!