Sunday, April 11, 2010

Buck Off

Last night the Celtics defeated the Milwaukee Bucks 105-90 in a game that may have well been a preview for the first round of the playoffs.  It was a close game through out the first three quarters, but the Celtics managed to take it away in the fourth and secure a big win.  This quarter included three straight jumpers made by Pierce, a few flagrant fouls and technicals called, an ejection of the Bucks coach, and 2 clutch free throws by Ray Allen.  Pierce and Allen also led the scoring for the night with 24 and 21 points respectively, followed by Rondo who had 15 points on the game.  Rasheed Wallace and Big Baby Davis had big defensive games with 7 rebounds each, and Rondo had an impressive 10 assists (out of a total of 15 assists for the whole team!).  The Bucks were led by John Salmons who racked up 21 points, and Brandon Jennings who added on 19 points.    

Here are the highlights from last nights game.

The energy and intensity were extremely high in this game, which is something we can hope to see a lot more of come play offs.  Kevin Garnett didn't play this time, but we all know his presence in future games will boost the intensity ten-notch. 

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