Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Boyfriend Rooted For The Other Team…Is This The End?? ;-)

My boyfriend is from Denver and therefore rooted for the Nuggets to beat the Celtics today.

I’m sorry to say that he got his wish, and the Celtics winning streak ended with a 114-105 loss to the Denver Nuggets.  Once again Ray Allen was our leading scorer with 25 points, but it just didn’t turn out to be enough.  Between Carmelo Anthony and Chauncy Billups, the Celtics were simply outplayed today.  At least my boyfriend is happy…NAHT!   


  1. NAHHHTT!! So sad the Celtics lost, I almost lol'ed when I read this though. Wonderful pic. Way to represent too! Don't let this come between you guys tho!

  2. Haha I'm glad that you liked the post, Amanda. Of course I would never let it reallly come between us, but I think it's great to have good friendly sports rivalries with friends/boyfriends! Unfortunately this time I was on the losing end, but I can't wait for a rematch!