Sunday, January 31, 2010

Starting off on a bad note...

As if it’s not unfortunate enough that I’m starting my first sports blog when baseball season is over AND the Patriots might as well have been out before their only playoff game started, the Celtics also had a terrible loss tonight against our long time arch enemies, the LA Lakers.

One problem I face living in New York is that it’s pretty hard to watch even most of the Boston games, regardless of the sport.  My Privatel cable system is absolutely awful anyway (we even have one of those god awfully slow scrolling guide channels that change back to the beginning right before you see the channel you’re looking for), but the worst part is that NY teams are always broadcast instead of any other teams.  For instance, I’ll see online “oh, great the Pats game is on CBS at 1:15!” Wrongo! They show the Giants game. 
Anyway, so I’m at the gym today and realize that ABC is actually showing the Celtics-Lakers game.  I was so excited that I decided to skip the rest of my work out (what a tough decision that was), and ran back to my apartment to watch the last few minutes of the game.  We had been up most of the game but it was getting much closer, and I just watched Eddie House put in a couple 3’s.  Then it goes back and forth, but with 1:22 left, we’re still up by 1.  Then, thanks to a questionable offensive foul call on Pierce, and a crazy how-the-hell-did-he-get-that-in shot by Kobe, we end up losing the game by a heart breaking 1 point.   

 Game Highlights (Courtesy of

Well, not much you can do about that because sometimes that’s just the nature of Boston sports.  They make you believe all the way until the end that they will pull off the win, and then they just barely lose.  It was the Red Sox way for 80 years until we reversed the curse.  Let’s just keep the faith and hope my future posts convey less depressing news.   

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